Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Words, Deca Verse

Political correctness
Awkward anxiousness
Fleeting hopes
Slippery ropes

Dark thoughts
Best forgot
Your heart
Abstract art

Fall free
Make believe
So true
No clue

Feel fresh
Flesh carress
Mind numb
Loaded gun

Pretty star
Miles apart
No gain
Vain vein

You stay
Far away
Knowing eyes
No surprise

Fool's gold
Neurotically bold
What God
Condescending nod

Quick freeze
Soul squeeze
Move now
Raised brow

Swing through
Screamin' blues
Lucky twice
No dice

Passing thoughts
Exhaled fogs
Mind unquiet
Tiny riot

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011

From where talent
Unknown surely real
Feel surreal

On top is the poem that got me this award. Below the award is my acceptance Haiku. I nominate Rachel for the next Perfect Poet award. Thank you Promising Poets Parking Lot.


  1. Awesome Rahul.. Like the last two lines..sometimes my head does not know when to stop talking to me..

    Cheers ~~~Jen

  2. Indeed a riot..
    It went too fast for me..and gripped me very this type of form for the first time..pretty interesting..

    Wonderfully done!


  3. Jingle - Thanks!

    Jennirey - either that or we are just too good listeners!

    Alcina - Thanks alot! I hope too fast wasn't a bad thing!

  4. luved the pace...with a dash of this and a pinch of tht..n u can make a .....hell no lets let it (w)rap :P

  5. Lovely style of writing, beautiful play with words, I can't even imagine even attempting such mature form of writing. Great style. Enjoyed it. Radhika

  6. Aashi - haha thanks!

    Radhika - To be honest I wasn't initially even going for a particular form! It just started with the first 4 words. Took it from there. The entire poem is really a soup of different ideas! Thanks though.

  7. Brilliantly fluid and enjoyable poem. Well written.

  8. Quick freeze
    Soul squeeze
    Move now
    Raised brow

  9. pushpee - thanks! i love your writing.

    mindlovemisery - thanks!

  10. quiet mind, tiny riot =) Love that last line!

  11. Awesome! Love that each line is two words only. My favorite is vain vein. :)

    And... thanks for the nomination! Very sweet.