Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun and Games

I do not fear heights
But falling this way keeps me up at night
We say it's just fun and games
Yes it is fun, but this game is insane
Play around with words as much as we do
Unlike the birds I am falling right into you
Yes it is all just fun and games
We're just having a laugh standing in the rain

I miss you, it's true
But what does it mean?
My thoughts include you
If you know what I mean
Am I jumping too quick?
Leaping too high?
Is it gonna make me sick?
Is it worth the sigh?

I'm gonna stay as long as I can
I am afraid that I'm just a broken man
If and when you do figure me out
I hope that you don't just gut me like trout
As I walk in the dark with a faulty torch
Shadows leap at me and scare my heart
You see it's all just fun and games
Until someone gets hurt and can't bear the pain.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Serious Joke

It is fun to joke
And every line is a poke
We laugh to make light
For now it feels right

Every word heavy with meaning
Are you serious? Am I dreaming?
I reply with equal intent
You laugh like it's pretence

As we ride at breakneck speed
The lines are thin indeed
Between "you and me" or "us"
Dare I ask, love or lust?

Is this a meant to be?
We should wait and see
Would you wait until then,
To sign papers in pen?

Perhaps we are just friends
Maybe I'll get to see you again
You seem to be perfectly nice
How do you feel about this rhyme?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A fine ramble

We've come a long way from the time of the one love.
Today we may have several loves
Like changing fashions to fit our style

What exists now that didn't back then?
The feeling hasn't gone away for sure
Every time it feels real
Every time you think this could be the one
The chase is fun, but for how long?

One day you will want to just hold her/him and say "I'm not going anywhere if you're not!"
Hopefully it is not too late by then
If you can look into their eyes and feel that this right here is amazing, that's more than many can hope for.
To give that up for the endless chase is a stupid thought in itself. Even the thought that this could end at anytime is something more powerful than we realise. The pain of the loss of love is mistaken for a risk not worth taking.
That pain is beautiful and is an exceptionally powerful feeling to connect to. It is simultaneously as powerful as the love you feel, which you probably think is the only feeling you need/want to have.

It would be fine if as a species, we lived alone forever, but that is not how we are built. In this sense, being human is like being an artist. An artist feels like he/she is one when he/she has his/her audience. In the same way, we feel human and are connected to our human emotions the most when we have someone to share ourselves with. From our best to our worst, we see ourselves in the mirror of that someone. It is also this vulnerability that freaks us out to keep on the chase.

I could go on. I feel like I am just rambling on at this point. All I guess I'm trying to say here is that I do not want to be motionless on the account of fear. I don't want to run away either.

Pardon me, sometimes I talk a lot.

Riding the wave

If you'd give your heart in my hand
I'd fear to hold on tight
To crush you sinking in the sand
And so I fight

I fight not with you
The battle is within me
It could consume you
If it overcame me

My eyes do glance at yours
While in my mind the thoughts take hold
Do you fight a battle of equal colours?
Perhaps you are riding the wave
Enjoying the story as it unfolds

But what of the dangers?
You may be walking through
A possible minefield that hasn't been swept
Both of us none the wiser to the lurking explosion
I do not think I am ideal
And you don't need a bad deal

Perhaps I overthink you
Maybe I'll ride the wave with you
If that's cool
If that's cool, I'll enjoy the story too