Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Uncertain Terms

Looking to the day our paths meet
When the same ground is under our feet
How is it that I miss you already?
We have not met, you and me

Yet all I want to do is hold your hand
Travel on to our secret land
Slipping into our mutual trance
Let us lose all pretense

I wish I could say that I can wait to meet you
It would be an obvious avoidance of the truth
I will not lie to you about one thing
My mind flips when I hear my phone ring

Here I am now sending out my positive energy
Smiles all around, my laughter carries
The most I will ask for is some good conversation
The least I want is a lack of hesitation

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011


  1. I suppose I can give some ok conversation
    With a little exaggeration
    Maybe I'll try some contemplation
    Or do it in animation
    Oh that was such fun
    Your write just made me come undone
    As I rhymed a ton
    Not just one
    So now before I become an annoying gnat
    I'll fly away like a bat
    Or sneak away like a dirty rat
    Trying not to fall flat
    As I end this chat
    And say cheers from Pat

  2. Good return poem Pat!

    Rahul - Love the first two lines most and the last line very much. Seamless. :)

  3. Hey Pat, thanks for that!

    Deep - Thank you :)