Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Holding Back

Sometimes I feel like I am holding my own leash
Restraining myself from the much needed release
It's really just a battle for control
Between me and myself, who will first let go?

I am however tired of holding on
Would be so much easier to let go of these bonds
There is good reason though, to stand behind the line
For the sake of my heart, I must wait for the right time

{My mind screams: No!
 What if it is time that we let go?
 I remind it: We walk before we run
 Let us not jump the gun}

While I hide behind my walls
I can't help but notice the bricks that fall
Perhaps its too early to say
Though I feel someone hacking away

Hey you,
Won't you stay?

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011


  1. Who is hacking away? It is either 'you' or 'yourself'. But there are others involved - there is 'mind' and there is 'heart'. Who among these four holds the leash and who sees the bricks fall?

    Plenty more in this poem to be excavated and taken further.

  2. Harry - Thanks for that comment, well thought out! In this case the wall hacker would be an external force. The leash is still held by me and at the other end is myself. Mind and heart.

    Indeed there may be more to follow this piece like my Mental Circus series.

  3. Nice to see you posting at Poets United:)

  4. Sherry - Thanks dear! It has been a while

  5. As Harry says, there's more to this poem than meets the eye. Keep on blogging.

  6. I can relate to this. It's tough sometimes...

  7. 'Sometimes I feel like I am holding my own leash' - What a wonderful line. I know that feeling. :-)

    Thanks very much for leaving your link at 'I Saw Sunday.'

  8. Hmm...very thought-provoking.

  9. Nice work - you are weaving metaphorical magic.

  10. A well written and very thought provoking poem. There are pragmatics to study throughout. well done.

  11. At first I was scared... Almost too familiar, somehow. But the words swept the fear away and it ended on a hopeful smile (which is very nice at 5.45am).

    It sounds very corny trying to explain how reading makes you feel, but I've tried. Thank you for a lovely piece.