Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Father So Brave

Oh Father so brave
No need to look so grave
It's ok, it's ok
I hear my voice to him say

There was a time when I was younger
Advice came from father
It's funny how things can change
Last night when I spoke with dad
I said "the stress you hold is so bad"
Coming from me it must've sounded strange

Am I still a child who never learns?
Or is it to lead now my turn?
Trying to think like a family man
While my future is yet barely planned

Speaking to dad I wondered what best to say
If the man is old, doesn't he know the ways?
Today is a really different world
Where the signs are not written in bold

I love this man who taught me all that I know
Who did his best and bravely let me go
Into this world with all of its dangers
I can always find him when I need a saviour

All he asks for is my love and respect
To be strong and take care of my health
I must try my best to fill my role
A better son for his eyes to behold

Hey Dad, this one's for you
Though our minds may always be two
You are a good man, so rest assured
There are many more songs left to be heard

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011


  1. Nice tribute to Dad. Well written.

  2. Beautiful way to conclude.

  3. Deep and well-written. Thanks for sharing. My magpie:

  4. this one is sweet.
    well done.

  5. This is such a lovely tribute to every loving dad in the world, Rahul...
    Meaningful, moving, and really sweet!!