Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Companion

I don't want you to be just a pretty face
I get bored easy you see
I swear I will love you for your brains;
Provided that you've got them

It may be true that I often live inside my mind
Just be not afraid for I will invite you inside
Be prepared though to wait a while

Please have some kind of art inside you
It is how I like to communicate
This is important so don't be fake
Don't fret too much though
Your type of art is up to you
For that I promise, I will love you

As for me I can promise a few things
I promise to wash the dishes if you do them with me
We can take turns cooking too
I do enjoy cooking food
I swear I'll help clean our home
I just hope you don't mind reminding me

I can promise that I'll be one scared father
I'll try hard though, probably go bald faster
I will be happy too

I am not sure if I am asking for too much
I don't even know if I am offering enough
At least now it is somewhat out there
There is more to me and I'd like to share

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011

Inspired by Mixture!


  1. Perfect in every way. Your better half will have a hard time staying in the lead.