Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Musings of Introspection

Soaring high in the sky
My point of view is often bird's eye
Feeling giddy from my disconnect
Maybe that's why my mind is unset

I can see mostly from both sides
Yet I find it hard to decide
Between what's right and what's wrong
Where is the clarity in my song?

Could there be an end to my daily dread
Breathe peace while earning my daily bread?
These words give me something to look forward to
Some alone time with my un-quiet muse

If alone is indeed a state of mind
Then my muse and I have no reason to hide
We shall rhyme here in pretty verse
It's certain now that we are not the first

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011

I want to thank Promising Poets Parking Lot  and  Poets United for introducing me to so many talented poets out there. I must also give a shout to Jingle for helping me out similarly. I am missing some people of worthy mention here but they are all equally important. Lots of Love!


  1. smart people see two sides of stories,
    well delivered message.

  2. Well done. The question of being able to earn our livings without compromising our sense of the moral, almost impossible to do. The ability to see both side. Good, but creates complexity. Life is not easy for a thinking person. Poem on ...


  3. Jingle - Thanks!

    JamieDedes - Thanks for understanding the message!


  4. What a great poem! It's great to be able to see both sides. Also, I really enjoy the poetry forums you mentioned as well. :)

  5. Rachel - Lovely to have you read my poems as usual! thanks!


  6. loved the rhythm...its different... :D

  7. Felt the emotional rush with this one.

  8. Don't muses need to be unquiet, for us to hear them? LOL

  9. Jinksy ofcourse they do! But sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we don't pay enough attention to our wordy passenger!

  10. Happy Potluck.
    powerful emotions expressed here.
    well done,

  11. I get more caught up will writing and my muse than life, my muse is very demanding. Beautifully done I think that poet's are unusually observant and adept at the abstract allowing them to view a subject from multiple angles

  12. I found plenty of clarity in your song...thank you for posting such a beautiful poem

  13. well said. very nice. you have a great voice!