Friday, April 29, 2011

In A Parallel Universe

I can almost feel...her
She's not in my air though I can nearly breathe...her
Perhaps she's part of my disconnect
Her space I cannot dissect

In a parallel universe
All that's mine is really just hers
Striving hard to keep control
On reality I must have hold

Slave to this romantic idea
She's not something I'd find in Ikea
I know that she does exist
And so my mind decides to persist

I've only been waiting for so long
Whole while playing the same damn song
Trying to put my own pieces together
Though the glue won't hold forever

It probably sounds just plain crazy
That I can almost hear her voice through the air that's hazy
I flee away to my personal islet
And I miss the presence of one Ms Violet

As I lay on my bed this night
I know I won't just give up her light
Even if I could just wish her away
I'd rather leave my heart on the silver tray

Even now I can almost feel her
Nearly breathe her air in the stratosphere
She may one day read this very verse
When she joins me from that parallel universe

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011


  1. Beautiful words, Rahul! I hope she does read them someday. :)

  2. Hey Rachel. Thanks, you are awesome!

  3. I feel your longing in this one Rahul.
    I hope the one you love does indeed join you and read your words.
    Beautifully penned.

  4. Thank you Andy for your kind words! There is no one right now...the "she" in the poem is imaginary.

  5. hmm... Life is so much sweeter and exciting if we can conjure up atleast an imaginary obsession!A shadow ,so near yet elusive-a perfect muse for a poet.Good one!
    Butterflies of time

  6. luminecent! :)

  7. tender sentiments,
    super stunning imagery.


  8. This is so beautiful! Love every stanza and the hope and longing that exists there.

  9. the song? Harivarasanam..vishvamohanam...I don't remember the rest but thanks!

    Hi lunawitch15...that's a new one...luminecent...thanks!

    Jingle...thanks again

    Judy thank you as well!

  10. i really liked MS Violet...........

  11. "She's not in my air though I can nearly breathe...her" This line is so beautiful I love this poem! The feel, the flow, the emotional content and I can relate its lovely