Sunday, April 24, 2011

Whiskey Philosophy

Questions of a God
For answers I am at a loss
No reason here for the mental stress
I do not own, I Impossess*

I do believe in a Higher power
Though not one that controls from High tower
Is it the word or the ugly sword
When one must love a powerful Lord?

Most of us just try to get ahead
But that won't matter when we are all dead
Someday we all run out of time
We must take pleasure in rhythm and rhyme

Free your mind while you still can
Be the best kind of woman or man
Wait not for a message from above
The truth is found in our ability to love

You need not listen for I do not preach
Do pay attention for Life does teach
Don't pray for no blessing, fear not any curse
And if you find yourself asking, just come back and read this verse

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011

*Impossess - Its a word I made up a few years back. Its the opposite of Possess. i.e it means to not own. Comes from the idea that you enter the world with nothing and you leave the same way so you really never own anything. Hope that makes is open to discussion!


  1. beautiful message, well done.
    Happy Rally.

  2. I very much enjoyed your life philosophy! I definitely believe in taking pleasure in rhythm and rhyme. :)

  3. Jingle - Thanks!

    Rachel - Good girl! That is worth more anyways!

  4. for poets rally, please visit 18 poets next to your entry to get more feedback.

    bless you.
    Happy Tuesday.


  5. Rahul,
    Very nicely written words and gives me food for thought!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  6. Jingle - I am doing that! did a few yesterday, few more to be done today...plenty of talented poets out there!

    Eileen - Thanks dear! Cheers.

  7. *clinks glass of some Glen Goyne on the rocks* Cheers mate!

  8. Aadithyan - *clinks back the glass of Chivas! this poem was a result of 4 or 5 of those...Cheers to you too mate!

  9. Thought provoking. I've had many a realization under the slight influence of Gin or Scotch.

  10. argentpoet - haha it stands true then that the famous wordsmiths had a glass of some brew or the other in one hand and a pen, pencil or quill in the other!


  11. Thanks for linking,

    have fun doing some visiting yourself.
    bless your day.

  12. Jingle...always a pleasure