Sunday, October 11, 2015

Vices and Explosions

Quitting my vices
Like one last goodbye 
Like one last kiss 
One more "I love you"
Something about it that is so attractive 
Even with all the warning signs 
Yet the obsession with feeling good 
With something that isn't 
From cigarettes to junk food 
It always crosses the mind that I shouldn't have 
It is as if danger sits quietly in my blind spot 
Sitting with the smile of evil patience
The kind that accompanies slow death 
My determination to stand resolute
In the face of the hard slap that comes in slow motion 
Even though I know I can move and duck this at any time 
But instead of getting up and walking away I sit right there 
Sitting across from death on the other couch staring back 
As if willing him to get to me sooner 
Leap across the room and sink his teeth into my neck 
Only pausing to say "you had your chance"
Death doesn't flinch however 
In his slow, yet finite evil patience 
Choosing instead to see if I have the will to get away
Get up off my couch and walk away 
No last goodbyes to my vices 
Not pulled back for one more deathly kiss
Instead, set it alight and walk away 
Without looking back
Because cool guys don't look at explosions

© Rahul Chidambaran 2015


  1. "smile of evil patience" -- I know that smile. Great description! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel. Great to hear from you again