Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Missing Happiness

It is a strange thing to feel happy
Something beyond the high of a drug
A different planet than the mirth of a drunk
Immeasurable like the idea of a god 
Leaving you to sit there and nod
While the waves barely tickle your toes
You miss happiness
Not entirely but almost unlike missing a person
Like falling in love with the shadow of someone 
You never really miss being happy, just the idea of it
Like a joke heard more than once becomes less funny on each retelling
You're not sure if happiness is just not as happy as it used to be 
Or is it just me, you ask 
Part of you wants to turn around and run back
Back to where it was always happy 
Back to when sadness was just an empty pack of cigarettes
And happiness was finding that one last smoke
Back when sadness was not knowing what to eat 
And happiness was good old biryani 
And so you miss happiness 
An idea of feeling that poets like me fail to describe 
Even if you bottle it, you wouldn't like it

© Rahul Chidambaran 2015

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