Saturday, July 30, 2011

Conflict of Interest

Pulled from these sides by me and them
The tides go high and low and then
Sometimes I just want to be free
Not think about your society
If I can't breathe I'd rather not try
Fall in with your suicide

Though there you are with all your rules
Your ideas of what I should do
Though when I care I only pretend
For you may never see my bends
Ask yourself what makes you right
It shouldn't take you all night

Justify your little flaws
Go break your own laws
I swear I try real hard to follow
Not bring you any more sorrow
What's inside has turned to frost
For as long as I have been lost

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011


  1. great poem. has a wonderful flow to it.

  2. "If I can't breathe, I'd rather not try" Me too!:) I liked your poem. Thank you!

  3. Some good thoughts. I am familiar with the ranting style. I do it too!
    Nice one!