Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun and Games

I do not fear heights
But falling this way keeps me up at night
We say it's just fun and games
Yes it is fun, but this game is insane
Play around with words as much as we do
Unlike the birds I am falling right into you
Yes it is all just fun and games
We're just having a laugh standing in the rain

I miss you, it's true
But what does it mean?
My thoughts include you
If you know what I mean
Am I jumping too quick?
Leaping too high?
Is it gonna make me sick?
Is it worth the sigh?

I'm gonna stay as long as I can
I am afraid that I'm just a broken man
If and when you do figure me out
I hope that you don't just gut me like trout
As I walk in the dark with a faulty torch
Shadows leap at me and scare my heart
You see it's all just fun and games
Until someone gets hurt and can't bear the pain.

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