Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No change

This side of me isolated
Bliss rides overrated
Quick slap on wrist
Hold back curled fists

Not one foot outside the wall
Neither bricks nor hearts did fall

All things considered
The best stays undelivered
Run, run, Run away
Not here to stay

The moments are not regretted
Though this heart remains isolated

© Rahul Chidambaran 2011

I like them oranges
Look out for those door hinges!
There is no word that can't be rhymed
The trick is just a question of "How?" and time!

This be my acceptance for this award
Jane be my nomination for her words that hit so hard.


  1. You've captured the feeling of isolation in this poem. I especially like the lines "all things considered the best stays undelivered."

  2. some lines remind me of pink floyd!! nice work.

  3. love it.
    so full of rhythms and enjoyment.

    Happy Rally.

  4. Oh this reflects my current state exactly. Fabulous job and really cool poem

  5. Hope you won't be isolated for too long.
    "All things considered
    The best stays undelivered"...nice.

    I Liked the flow of this.

  6. thought provoking and great write :)

  7. Oranges and door hinges brouhgt a smile to my face. :] Well done. :] xx